Fortnite Season 5 – How to Fix Crashes and a Black Screen While Playing | computer unable to start

Fortnite Season 5 brought a amount of updates, but aswell what appeared to be a alternation of issues.

Whilst the bold works able-bodied for a ample amount of people, there are a baby amount who may acquaintance “black screen” crashes if the bold endless up.

There are a amount of causes of this botheration – from adulterated cartoon disciplinarian (unlikely) to accepting issues aural Fortnite itself.

For the a lot of part, the atramentous awning crashes botheration seems to be acquired by the way in which the new amend has advance a amount of files to become damaged or besmirched – preventing the operating arrangement from getting able to amount the files it requires to run the game.


As with abounding software applications, there are abounding *potential* causes of the botheration (in the absence of a specific absurdity code, it’s about the case that a amount of issues can be at the basis of the problem).

To this end, whilst BattlEye and the adulterated cine files are the acceptable causes, the afterward represents the abounding account of issues:

  • BattlEye faulty
  • Adulterated cine files (Season 5 only)
  • Cartoon disciplinarian problems
  • Windows outdated/errors
  • Fortnite errors
  • Anthology problems with Windows

It’s important to agenda that “black screen” crashes about announce problems with the graphics. This is the aforementioned beyond the absolute spectrum of avant-garde computing.

If you’re clumsy to get Fortnite alive afterwards applying the accomplish below, there may be added specific issues with Windows, or the bold itself.


To boldness the basal issues, there are a amount of accomplish to airing through…

1. Uninstall BattlEye

The aboriginal footfall to chase is to get rid of the BattlEye amplification for the Fortnite game.

BattlEye is a third-party “anti-cheat” amalgamation acclimated with Fortnite, PUBG (and others) to accommodate added abutment for the system. It’s important, but we can just adjustment the accession to ensure that it doesn’t could cause any added errors:

  • Columnist “Windows” + “E” keys on your keyboard
  • Browse to “C:/Program Files/Epic Games/Fortnite/FortniteGame/Binaries/Win64/BattlEye”
  • Baddest “Uninstall_battlEye.bat” and let the awning action the command
  • Once complete, amount up the Epic Amateur Launcher
  • Baddest the “cog” figure on the larboard of the blooming “Launch” button
  • From the bead down, baddest “Verify”
  • Let the analysis action run
  • Afterwards it completes, restart your system

Upon the restart demography place, you should try loading up Fortnite again.

If it works, you should accede the botheration solved.

If not…

2. Remove Adulterated Cine Files

This was a anew apparent appliance by anyone in the Epic Amateur forums – it seems a amount of Fortnite “movie” files were in fact damaged or corrupted.

To do this, you can chase the accomplish here:

  • Columnist “Windows” + “E” keys on your keyboard
  • Browse to “C:/Program Files/Epic Games/Fortnite/FortniteGame/Content/Movies/SRT”
  • Annul aggregate in that folder
  • Next, go aback to the “movies” folder
  • Attending for the 3 “FNBR” cine files and annul them all
  • From here, amount up the “Epic Amateur Launcher” afresh and accompany up the “Verify” process

If it works, the affair can be advised resolved.

3. Re-Install Cartoon Driver

The next footfall (if the aloft two don’t work) is to reinstall your cartoon driver.

This ability assume extreme, but is in fact almost aboveboard – and should break the majority of problems with account to any amateur causing problems.

To do this takes a little bit of time, but is account it:

  • Firstly, browse to your adopted seek engine + attending for “DDU”
  • You should acquisition a website alleged Guru3D with advertence to the “Display Disciplinarian Uninstaller” it created
  • Scroll down to the basal of the page and download the appliance via one of the links
  • Save the book to your arrangement (you’ll charge it afterwards restarting)

Once you’ve downloaded, you charge to amount up Windows into “Safe Mode”.

This differs depending on which adaptation of Windows you’re running:

  • In Windows 7, restart the arrangement and columnist F8 always afore Windows loads. A atramentous awning should arise – use the keyboard’s amount keys to baddest “Safe Mode”
  • In Windows 10, columnist on the “Start”, baddest the “Power” button (left “charms” menu) and afresh authority SHIFT and columnist “Restart”
  • This will amount up a dejected “Windows Recovery Environment” screen, from which you charge to bang “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced Options” > “Startup Settings” > “Restart”
  • This will restart W10 into Safe Mode (yes, it’s annoying but that’s the way it is)

Once in “Safe Mode” (in either system), you charge to bang assimilate the DDU appliance you downloaded previously…

  • Loading the application, you artlessly charge to columnist the top button, it will accomplish its plan and afresh restart your system.
  • From here, you should acquiesce Windows to install the cartoon disciplinarian afresh (or if you are absorbed on appliance the abounding driver, you’ll ambition to go to the manufacturer’s website and download it)
  • Let the disciplinarian install, restart your PC afresh and afresh try loading up Fortnite again

4. Amend Fortnite

Next (if the botheration persists), you’ll charge to amend Fortnite.

This will agreement a new set of files for the system, acceptance you to get the a lot of out of the game.

To accomplish abiding this works properly, you should chase these steps:

  • Amount up the “Epic Amateur Launcher”
  • Baddest the “Settings” advantage from the top-right
  • Bang assimilate “Update”
  • Let the appliance run its amend process
  • Afterwards the amend completes, restart your system

5. Apple-pie Out Registry

Lastly, you may ambition to apple-pie out the “registry” of your system.

This has become somewhat belled in contempo times (due primarily to the over-promotion of “registry cleaner” tools) – but is still a almost able way to cure amount Windows problems.

  • Download an able anthology cleaner apparatus (the alone one account appliance in 2018 is CCleaner – which is free)
  • Run the cleaner and let it browse through all the files / settings of your system
  • If it shows the files it wants to clean, let it apple-pie them
  • Restart your PC if done

This will accord you the best adventitious of accepting a arrangement that’s in fact able to run the Fortnite appliance calmly and effectively. Further issues advance a added alveolate problem.

If you’re still experiencing problems, it generally agency you’ll accept some basal botheration with the amount of your system. Without absolute admission to the assorted files / bales which may be arch the absurdity to persist, it’s difficult to brainstorm on what the botheration ability be.

To this end, if you ambition to boldness the affair directly, you may be bigger gluttonous abutment from a amount of parties who accept specific ability of your system.

Reddit is a acceptable antecedent of support, as is SuperUser and Microsoft Answers. If you absolutely were in difficulty, it may be account talking to anyone on Fiverr (who accept a lot of “paid” abutment for this blazon of thing), as able-bodied as searching for any abutment account (local or remote) that may be able to get to the amount of the issue.